Deceptive Waters by Carolyn Courtney Lauman

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In Deceptive Waters, local Southport author Carolyn Courtney Lauman introduces her readers to Mary Branson, the lead character in her mystery and suspense Deceptive series. Enjoy reading how Mary transitions from international business executive to writer of true-crime-turns-fiction. You won't be disappointed.


Two Bridges. Two Crashes. 

When Mary Branson witnesses a car hurtle off the Golden Gate Bridge in the fall of 1998, little does she realize that, twenty years later, she'll find herself revisiting the haunting details of that crash. But when a woman's body is found floating along the dark shore of Chesapeake Bay, Mary tasks herself with unraveling the truth behind both deaths. 

Not everyone wants Mary to uncover the truth, let alone publish a novel based on the secrets she exposes. With ominous forces working to silence her, Mary turns to her law enforcement husband and a street-savvy private investigator for help. Can she stay alive long enough to finish her story? 


  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Carolyn Courtney Lauman
  • 5" x 8"

Reviews for Lauman's first book, Against Their Will:

  • "I loved this book.. easy read, suspenseful as well as compelling.."
  • "Carolyn’s style is easy to read and the story (especially in the first third of the book) was brisk and well-reported...I’d recommend this novel to mystery lovers."
  • "A skilled storyteller, she manages weaves a heartwarming romantic subplot into the mix, which kept me turning the pages. I highly recommended this fast-moving thriller."