Bottle Benders Coral Reef Wind Chime
Bottle Benders Coral Reef Wind Chime

Coral Reef Wind Chime

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Harness the sea with this beautiful Coral Reef Wind Chime. Eight circles in greenish clear (like a Coke bottle) to green to blue with mixed colored dots and a blue colored disk at the bottom make up this chime.  All the fishing line used to hang the pieces is UV resistant and will last for a long time.

Made from wine bottles, handmade in the USA, these wind chimes create a beautiful and unique addition to your porch, yard, or anywhere the wind may blow. The large circles are made from the center barrel part of the wine bottle, the large disc is from the bottom. The small pieces that hang in the center of the circle are created from two marbles melted together. All baked at a toasty 1500 Degrees, these wind chimes are certainly one of a kind!  

Dimensions: 7" x 23"