Cambria Pottery Collection - Swan Creek Soy Candles

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These classic candles are made with 100% American Soybean Wax. They are clean-burning, lead-free, and intensely fragrant.  Our Best-Selling line of candles!! 

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Blooming, or shifts in color, are intrinsic to our clean-burning candles, brought on by the reaction between pure soy wax and high percentages of quality fragrance oil. Candles not blessed with blooming often contain paraffin or other additives. So, when purity counts, buy the bloom! 

Color of the Pottery will vary due to current availability. Candles are sold individually by scent and not as a set of 5 (picture portrays a sampling of the collection)


  • Sizes:
    • Large Bell Vase:
      • 15 oz
      • 50+ hr burn time
      • 4"H x 4.75" W
    • Large Cache Pot:
      • 133 oz
      • 50+ hr burn time
      • 4" x 4.75"W
    • Small Bell Vase:
      • 4 oz
      • 20+ hr burn time
      • 3"H x 2"W
    • Small Cache Pot:
      • 3 oz
      • 20+ hr burn time
      • 3"H x 3"W
  • Reusable Container: Simply heat oven to 150 degrees, line cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Invert container (turn upside down) and place on lined cookie sheet. Leave in oven for approx. 15 minutes or until all wax and residue empty from the container. Remove from oven and lift off cookie sheet immediately. Clean in the dishwasher. Now you have a beautiful flower vase!


Eco-friendly soy wax candles Clean-burning 100% cotton, lead free wick

Made in USA