Lori Mitchell products are shipped to us prior to each Season/Holiday.  The approximate delivery months noted for each category below are only estimates, and subject to change.  

If an item is noted as "SOLD OUT", then it is no longer available for us to order until next year.  

If an item is available for "PRE-ORDER", that means we can possibly order it for you, or, if it is an item from an upcoming Holiday season, we are expecting it and will reserve it for you and ship when it physically arrives to us. (Pre-orders that cannot be fulfilled will be refunded within a timely manner.)

Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, Easter, Spring, Americana & Summer have all arrived for 2024.  Limited Pre-order Availability at this point.  Please feel free to call us for information on the availability of any particular piece. 910-454-4533

Wizard of Oz restock arriving Summer 2024.

Halloween & Harvest New Releases and restock arriving MAY/JUNE 2024.

Christmas New Releases and restock arriving JULY/AUGUST 2024.

Check back for 2025 product arrivals.

If you order multiple pre-order items, we will combine as much as possible for shipping purposes. This sometimes requires us to hold items until additional items on your order arrive.  However, we guarantee you will receive the items you ordered with plenty of time to enjoy prior to the season they represent.

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding more specific arrival times or to discuss alternate shipping arrangements.