12.75"H Hummingbirds Stained Glass Decorative Window Panel

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Enhance your home's natural beauty with the stylish addition of this 12.75"H Hummingbirds Stained Glass Decorative Window Panel from River of Goods. Handcrafted using traditional artisan methods for a unique look you'll love. Two hummingbird-shaped stained glass window panels flutter around a blossom fashioned in red stained glass. All three pieces are attached to an iron bar, allowing them to sway gently for natural movement. Made from 51 glass cuts including beautiful shades of green, yellow, blue and red, the Tiffany-style stained glass construction looks beautiful in your sunniest window, and the colors become more vibrant when light passes through. With a top metal chain for simple hanging, this unique stained glass art makes a perfect pick for creating a nature retreat-like atmosphere in your kitchen or for adding some color and style to a sun porch window. Overall dimensions of 12.75in L x 0.25in W x 12.75in H Handcrafted stained glass art with nature-inspired design

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