A Spooky Greeting for Your Porch or Patio

This week finally brought a break in the heat & humidity here in Southport! Anyone out there a huge pumpkin and anything else Fall fanatic? I wanted to break out my sweaters and drink Pumpkin Spice Latte’s all day!

On my way to work, I was inspired by a local business’s Halloween display. They simply placed Dollar Store plastic pumpkin heads between their pillars for an easy and cheerful Halloween decoration. Any passerby can easily see the pumpkin heads and most definitely makes a perfect compliment to the company’s red brick fencing.

As I passed through town, it hit me–why not turn my own plastic pumpkins into a hanging display on my porch? I can hang them where I usually hang my plants and place lights inside. And I knew just where to grab some much-needed supplies to turn this image into reality. I stopped by my favorite store (and place to work)!

With our Solar-Powered Lid Light Angel Tears and 14 oz Mason Jars, I had the perfect combination to create an easy lighting apparatus to go inside the pumpkins. The string lights are attached to the bottom of the mason jar lid, which features a solar panel on the top. During the day, the panel absorbs the sun’s rays to power the rechargeable battery. Once the sun sets, the lights turn on automatically. The lights give the impression of little fairies or lightning bugs, caught in a mason jar from summers past.

I placed a lighted jar in each pumpkin head and hung from my plant hooks. And then….I waited for the sun to set. I was over-the-moon-excited to see the pumpkins a-glow on my porch. My project took an easy breezy total of 7 minutes to set up and I will have plenty of time through October 31 to enjoy these illuminations. And the best part? I can turn the pumpkin faces around and have plain pumpkins to take me through Thanksgiving. Love, love, love it!

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  • Charlotte

    I live on a floating home in Ridgefield, Washington and came across your blog about the solar pumpkins. Sometimes it’s hard with limited space and storage to display decorations but this one is so easy I can just put out a small amount in different areas. Thank you so much for your delightful blog.

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